“You have insufficient rights to access the task” Error When Attempting to Open SharePoint-based InfoPath Form

A user is unable to open the InfoPath form associated with a workflow task. The exception reads:

You have insufficient rights to access the task. Ensure that you have contribute rights on the site before attempting to open the task.

It’s a SharePoint permissions problem. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix.

All workflow participants must have “contribute” permission set on the K2 Forms Library in SharePoint, otherwise they’ll receive errors like these.

This solution is based on an actual knowledgebase article I wrote while developing K2 blackpearl solutions for a previous employer. Though the article sounds pretty banal, it serves an important purpose: Exceptions like these underscore the need for accuracy in SharePoint library membership — and for QA testing.

I have found that, when talking about the widespread adoption of business process management solutions across an enterprise, the success of software like K2 blackpearl will be judged on the ability for it and all of the moving parts associated with it like InfoPath and SharePoint — to produce consistent and positive results.

Thank you, Vijay, for pointing out the broken document link!