Find the Action Result of a Client Event in a Process Instance

I had a question today about how to determine which action was taken in a specific Process Instance.

The question specifically concerned a Client Event which has multiple Actions available. The Actions are similar, with one exception — two of the Actions cite a specific regulation, but the third does not. The business was asking why they didn’t see a citation.

I showed them the available routes by pulling up any View Flow. But to run it to ground, I walked them through how they can find that answer for themselves through the K2 Workspace:

  1. Open the K2 Workspace

  2. Click on “Process Overview” from the reports at left

  3. Click on the specific process in the table of results in the main window. The “Process Name” column is the first column in the table by default.

  4. (Optional) Filter on the results to get down to the specific Process Instance in question — say, a specific identifier or specific text in the Folio

  5. When you get the Activity Instances record pulled up, click on the name of the Activity that contains the Client Event. The “Activity Name” column is the first column in the table by default.

  6. When the Event Instances table appears, click on “Slot Data.”

  7. When the Activity Instance Slot Data table appears, look for a Data Field Name called “Action Result.” You’ll find the name of the Outcome in the Value column of that Action Result row.


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  1. Of course, if you have Silverlight installed, you could determine the action result by looking at the ViewFlow for the Process Instance, eh?


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