Second Coldfix Released for K2 blackpearl 4.6.10

K2 has released a second coldfix for its latest version of K2 blackpearl. The fix corrects an issue concerning workflow deletion in the Management Console. This second fix follows one released on July 7th related to how item references work.

• If you have downloaded but not yet installed K2 4.6.10, please download the latest software which contains the fix, dated 16 July. You can find it on the K2 Partner and Customer portal.
• If you have already installed K2 4.6.10, please download the coldfix and follow the instructions at KB001710 (Known Issue: Delete workflow coldfix for K2 4.6.10).

The KB article steps you through the replacement of several DLL’s in the original 4.6.10 package, and the execution of a couple of SQL scripts. If you’ve downloaded that package but not installed it, a more recent package already contains the fix.