Pay Attention to Tooltips in the K2 SmartForms Designer

At some point, you might find yourself getting confused by fields with similar names or identical names from disparate sources. It happens.

And because it happens, the K2 SmartForms Designer has a built-in way for you to keep things straight: tooltips.

A tooltip displays the path of a property in the Rule Designer
Let the Designer’s tooltips show you where a control, field, or property came from

Depending on which browser you use, you may have to actually enable tooltips/image alt-text/HTML titles to display; I know this was the case with Mozilla Firefox a little while ago, likely because not many use them. But, in the case of the K2 Designer, their tooltips convey very important and useful information about controls, fields and properties that can come in very handy — particularly if you’re working in someone else’s code.