How to discover the URL for the K2 Workspace (because your client changed it)

You wouldn’t think this would be a thing.

I’ve a new client running K2 4.7 who has changed the URL for the K2 Workspace. The person I took the client over from could only guess at the correct URL.

How did I find it?

Here are the steps I followed to discover the modified K2 Workspace URL:

  1. Get access to the production server. Seems like a pretty “duh” thing to state as Step 1, but… it’s important. Especially when you’re new to the account.

  2. Navigate the file system to the K2 blackpearl directory. On most servers, you’ll find it at C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl

  3. Look for a subdirectory called WorkSpace. Open that folder and the Site folder beneath it.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list of files and find a file called web.config.

  5. COPY this file to the desktop. Don’t open the original!

  6. Open the copied config file using Notepad.

  7. You’ll see the web.config file is an XML file organized into sections. For those of you familiar with .NET, it’s a standard Web.Config file: The root node is called configuration. The top section is a node called configSections, followed by a node called appSettings. Each appSettings element is a key-value pair that looks like this:

    <add key="some-key-here" value="some-value-here" />

    Some of these elements have values that appear to be URLs, like:

    <add key="HostingService" value="" />

    Look for an element with the key “WebServiceServerURL“, and copy the value.

  8. Open a browser and paste the URL you just copied into the navigation bar. Don’t navigate to it yet.

  9. Append “/Workspace” to the URL, and navigate to it. You should reach the K2 Workspace.

In retrospect, now that I know what the correct URL is, I don’t really blame the previous technician for not getting it right. He was close, though. 🙂