K2 SmartForms’ Quick Search excludes a column in the list view

Given a list view with several columns: ID, First Name, and Last Name. Let’s say the “ID” column shows an ID number as a hyperlink that points to another form. The list view’s filter only shows options for filtering on the First Name and Last Name columns. Why can’t I filter on ID too?

Taking a closer look at the list view, I noticed the ID column wasn’t displaying the ID field; it was displaying a Data Label. The other two columns were displaying fields.

The difference was that the ID field was not being displayed — and I say that purposefully, because simply adding the ID field as a hidden column won’t expose the field to the filter. It has to be visible.

My workaround was to add the ID field to the columns at the end, and to do my best to hide it through minimizing the column width to 1px and adding left padding on the column’s header and body. Do this by:

  1. Open the list view and add the field to the columns at the end.

  2. Click on the column you just made and drag the left side to make the column as small as possible.

    Image of the right edge of a K2 SmartForms List View and of the column properties, showing the width of the column
    The column you just added should have a single handle on the left side of the column. Drag the handle to the right to make the column as thin as possible.
  3. Click the Header tab of the properties box.

  4. Set the width value to 1px.

    Add Filter Column
    Views of the Header and Body tabs of the List View Properties. Use these controls to set the widths to 1px, and to modify the style.

  5. Open the Style Builder by clicking on the ellipses button (“…”) on the Styles control.

  6. Navigate to the Padding tab.

  7. Set the left padding to 20px.

    Image of a portion of the K2 Smartforms Style Builder form
    Set the left padding value to 20px.
  8. Close the Style Builder.

  9. Now switch to the Body tab in the Properties box and repeat these last few steps: set the width to 1px and add the left padding.

  10. Finally, check in your changes and look at the modified form. Adjust the left padding value in both the header and the body until there’s no text visible in your new column.