K2 SmartForms’ Quick Search Excludes a Column in the List View (Part II)

Last August I wrote a post about how a column in a list view was excluded from SmartForms’ Quick Search because the column wasn’t displaying the field directly — it was displaying a data label via an expression.

I ran into a similar-but-not-really-similar situation today.

This situation is similar in that it involved a list view column not being included in the Quick Search dropdownlist. But it differs because this column was displaying the field directly — no data label, no expression.

The Created Date column was being excluded from the dropdownlist control, though another date column was included.

The difference? The column that was included was of datatype date. The Created Date column was of datatype datetime.

Changing the datatype for the Created Date field on the SmartObject was the key to getting the field included in the Quick Search.