SmartObject Service Tester is Alive and Well in K2 Five

Like many who worked for years in the world of K2 4.x, I had to adjust to multiple changes when clients adopted K2 Five. Experience made some problems in K2 4.x a snap to fix, but we maybe needed to grow a little to accomplish the same in the new version.

I was recently challenged with adding a new domain for a client using 5.2. The new Management interface made adding the new domain a snap, but the ADService2 service didn’t seem to pick up the change. Under K2 4.x, I would simply open SmartObject Services Tester and add the new LDAP goop and refresh the service… but I can’t modify the service instance through the Management interface. What now?

GOOGLE. That’s what. I happened upon a blog article that had screenshots of the good ol’ SmartObject Services Tester AND screenshots of the K2 Management site. Did my eyes deceive me?

I immediately went digging through the file system on their K2 DEV server, and lo and behold, I found the SmartObject Services Tester in Program Files\K2\Bin.

I connected the program to the DEV server instance and was in business. I made the LDAP goop changes, refreshed the service, and tested a view with a people picker control… and I was able to select accounts in BOTH domains.

I feel like I totally won!