Given a list view with several columns: ID, First Name, and Last Name. Let’s say the “ID” column shows an ID number as a hyperlink that points to another form. The list view’s filter only shows options for filtering on the First Name and Last Name columns. Why can’t I filter on ID too?

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I have a client who wants to track all outgoing messaging from all of their K2 applications to assist in troubleshooting if someone says they didn’t receive a notification.

Normally, no big deal; create a database table or two, a database view and an insert and a list proc, turn those procs into methods in a SmO and call it from a SmartObject event after each of the email events in the workflow. Good to go, right?

But all outgoing messaging includes escalation e-mails… trickier, but I’ve got a slick little trick up my sleeve.

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In this document, you will learn about the K2 SmartForms Picture control and how it operates. Finally, you will gain some understanding of how to use it in an advanced scenario involving its .NET Generic Handler, JavaScript and jQuery, and a Data Label control acting as a literal.

The K2 SmartForms Picture Control is comprised of:

  • The SmartForms Picture control
  • A table in the K2 database
  • A .NET Generic Handler

Let’s talk about each of these.

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