I’m going through the rules in a SmartForm and associated views to squash a bug, when I came upon an Execute a Form method action in the When the Form is Initializing rule.

Trouble is, the method to call is the Initialized method.

Would that even work?

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I’m working for a client new to the world of software development and unencumbered by familiarity with development lifecycles and environments. (Not their fault; it just places the onus on us to teach them.) I’m not sure how long my company has been working with them; I just joined the project a couple of months ago.

Somewhere in the past, some percentage of the developers on the project acquiesced to doing development work in their production environment, probably because they were asked to do so to help them with some tight deadlines or urgent requirements. The short term effect was that it helped the client meet whatever deadlines or requirements they had; the long term effect is… disastrous.

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