Things just BLEW UP the other night. I connected to the development server, opened my solution in K2 Studio, started to edit, and BLAMMO! Everything went black.

Administrators had to rebuild my blown profile on the server. Once I was able to get into the desktop again, I figured I should have been able to drop shortcuts to K2 Studio and Visual Studio onto my desktop. No big deal, right?

I was able to open K2 Studio, load my solution, but was surprised to see that the solution was not connected to the (local) development environment.

I was even more surprised when anything I tried to do that was related to the server (like open an IPC, for example) yielded a nasty “Primary Credentials Not Authenticated” exception that threw me out of K2 Studio completely.

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Let’s say a person actions a Process Instance in your workflow, but the item seems to “disappear” unexpectedly — routed to a special queue for workflow administrators because of an error condition. It would certainly be nice if the “actioner” was notified about the problem too, right?

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Of course we want to make our solutions more convenient for the user — so it seems natural to have a hyperlink to a worklist item embedded in an e-mail notification. K2 believes it enough to include such a link by default in every SmartForms Client Event Notification.

The problem with this lies in the point-in-time nature of e-mail messaging.

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