K2 blackpearl 4.6.10 has been released.

The blackpearl 4.6 compatibility matrix shows no change in compatibility from 4.6.9.

blackpearl 4.6.10 includes support for DocuSign eSignature integration, and the ability to see comments and attachments directly in a process’ view flow, and, for SmartForms, the ability to designate specific views on a form as anonymous — allowing anyone to execute it. SmartForms 4.6.10 includes ListBox controls and a location-based services control that can retrieve a user’s current location. See the release notes for additional details, important considerations, and applicable prerequisites.

According to the 4.6.10 developer reference, an OData service broker was added to the available service brokers, paging and sorting has been added to custom service brokers, and the Folder Breadcrumb and the Date-time Picker controls have been added to the smartwizards.

K2 now offers two ways to update your environment. For 4.6.9 environments, download the new update installer (248 MB). Updating older environments will require the combined installer (a hefty 758 MB).

Each package contains:

  • K2 blackpearl 4.6.10
  • K2 SmartForms 4.6.10
  • K2 Smartforms Control Pack 4.6.10
  • K2 for SharePoint 4.6.10

Finally, K2 was very careful to note that Google has deprecated support for Microsoft Silverlight in its Chrome browser (versions 42 and above), which affects a user’s ability to consume View Flow and K2 for SharePoint 2010. A workaround is offered which discusses how to re-enable the browser’s NPAPI setting.


K2 establishes their general guidelines for environment and application software support in their K2 blackpearl 4.6 Compatibility Matrix, under their Microsoft Product Support Plan.

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